Quenching Oils

High purity mineral oil for the hardening of tool grade steels and various ferrous alloys (SAE 8620, 4140,5160, etc.) including low carbon ones with surface hardening processes to obtain a rigid surface and a smooth core. We have the speeds of hardening 7-9 seconds ,9-12 seconds, 12-15 seconds and 18-22 seconds, as required and marked by the transformation curve of each alloy.

These products are formulated with group II and III API oils which xhibit a purity higher than 99.9% as well as high viscosity indexes, which allows these oils to operate in extreme temperature conditions without suffering degradation by excessive heat, maintaining their physicochemical properties. The line of TERMOIL oils presents a thermal stability and a high antioxidant power that will avoid the degradation accelerated by oxidation in the oil, in turn the deposits and carbon sediments, as well as the lacquers and rubbers that conventional oils generate will be totally eliminated with the use of our oils, thus improving the cleanliness in parts and ovens.

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