Machining products

Brand: Metalkut, Metalgrind, Mekano, Ercool, Erinox, Kutsol, Syntogrind, Syntetik
Direct oils for metal machining, honing, lapping and grinding

The machining processes are intended to remove excess material from the parts by means of cutting tools. There are numerous processes that combine different variables such as type of metal, tool feed speed, severity of the process; depending on the conditions, direct cutting oils, soluble and synthetic coolants are required. Eraquimicos has a wide range of products to meet the specific needs of each process and customer.

Used in processes where lubrication requirements are high and extreme pressure lubrication is required.

Metalkut, Metalgrind, Mekano
They are used in processes where a product is needed that is capable of efficiently removing the heat generated by the machining processes.

Ercool, Erinox, Kutsol

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